Hey Good Looking – Are You a Presenter?

When we deliver a presentation, we need to make the best use of all of the tools that we have at our disposal. These tools include things such as hand gestures, using pauses, and vocal variety. All too often we forget that we have one more tool for us to use: our personal style.

Life is busy and all too often too many of us just don’t take the time to look our best when we venture out into public. The reasons for this are many – we don’t expect to meet anyone that we know, we don’t think that we’re going to be out for long, or maybe we just don’t care.

It turns out that this kind of thinking opens all sorts of doors for us as presenters. If we take the time to look our best then we’ll end up being the best looking person in the room. What this means is that everyone will be looking at us. If they are already looking at us, then we’ve got half of our task taken care of!

Carmine Gallo is a communications coach who has spent a lot of time thinking about this topic. Here are some of his suggestions that will help you use this tool to it’s fullest extent:

  • Keep The Bling To A Minimum: Over time we all build up a collection of accessories. Women have a collection of flashy necklaces and too-big earrings. Men have (also) too flashy necklaces, tie holders, bracelets, etc. Remember that accessories are designed to add value to your look – not to distract from the overall package. The rule is to keep it simple and suitable for your outfit.
  • Get Some Culture: This should be something that your research for any presentation reveals to you. A suit is always appropriate – except when it’s not. Make sure that you dress in a way that matches the event or the culture of your audience. Have your dress match the expectations of your audience.
  • Smile For The Camera: As long as you are going to the effort of getting all gussied up for your big presentation, take the time to make sure that all of the photographs that are taken of you show how good you look. We can never have enough photos of ourselves when we are looking our bests. Find a professional photographer and get a formal picture taken of yourself – this will be invaluable to you later on.

All too often we end up spending all of our time researching what we want to say, how we want to say it, and what we want our audience to be motivated to do once we are done talking.

If we take the time to plan out how we are going to look for our next presentation then we’ll be ahead of the game before we even show up. Sometimes just taking the time to look at ourselves in the mirror before we head out the door can do wonders for making our presentation that more effective…!

The Real Estate Listing Presentation: 5 Steps For Handling Questions And Concerns

A wise man once stated, if no one asks any questions or expresses any concerns, it probably means, nobody is listening! Why, then, does it seem, so many real estate professionals, seem to be wary of (or, even, fearful), of receiving any types of challenges, questions, and/ or objections? Once an agent, begins with the attitude that any responses received, are good and positive, and combines that with the combination of good training and techniques, combined with self – confidence, this fact, should become obvious, and, even, fun! For four decades, in a variety of different industries and occupations, as well as in the personal development seminars, I have conducted, I have presented, what I refer to, as, The 5 steps for answering, and successfully overcoming, any objection. This article, will, however, focus predominantly, on the 5 Steps for Handling and Overcoming Questions and Concerns.

1. Step One: Repeat the Question: Before you rush to be defensive, or to respond, based on what you believe of feel, the potential client, is asking, repeat the question clearly, in order to be certain, you are responding to what the other person is concerned about. A simple way to do this, is simply by saying something like, In other words, you’re concerned about the commission, or So, you want to know, why you should choose me as your agent? Before continuing, however, wait until there is some positive acknowledgment, you have nailed the right concern, on the head! I called this using the ZTL (or zip the lip) approach, meaning don’t continue until you;ve gotten a response. A paramount rule of selling, is, the person who speaks next, often loses! Then, and only then, continue to Step Two.

2. Step Two: Empathy: Being empathetic is far different from saying you understand or sowing sympathy! Rather, it is how you will indicate, you truly can see things, from the client’s perspective. One recommended set of wordings, might be, I can perfectly understand how you feel. In fact, I felt that way, and so do most people I speak to, until they realized a few things. Now, seamlessly, continue to Step Three.

3. Step Three: Answer: You must be prepared, and ready to answer the question, fully, and to the satisfaction, of the other party! Do so slowly, with passion, and, clearly address and answer the concern, question and/ or objection! Be certain to make eye – contact, and attempt to elicit some positive acknowledgment, etc.

4. Step Four: Recreate the need: Hopefully, you’ve done a great job on the first three steps, but unless you perform these last two steps, well and convincingly, you’ve achieved very little! Recreating the need, can often be done, as simply as saying, In light of everything we’ve discussed, and your needs, concerns, and questions, have been addressed…

5. Step Five: Close: Are you merely a presenter, or are you a closer? There’s no deal, unless you close the deal! After completely step four, one’s closing statement, can be as simple as, Doesn’t it make sense, to take care of the paperwork, and move you closer, to your objective, of selling your home, for the best possible, available price, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of hassle? Doesn’t it? Then remember, and adhere to the principles and discipline of ZTL!

A real estate agent is in the business of marketing and selling homes, professionally! How can you do so, if you can’t answer the questions, concerns and objections, of potential clients?

Spectacular Content Presentation Tips – How Important Are Presentations?

How Important Are Presentations?

Presentations are highlighted here as being extremely important and irreplaceable in the business world. How much influence do presentations have on people? Do they make or break a career? Are presentations the deciding factor in making a purchase?

What Does the Research Show?

According to Interactive Opinions – Audience Research 2006, people do believe that presentations are powerful.

Let’s look at just how powerful they are.

  • 93% of people polled agree or strongly agree that quality presentation provides a competitive edge.
  • 76.8% agree or strongly agree that presentations influence purchasing decisions. However, they also only rate about 10% of the presentations they have seen as excellent.
  • 91% believe that presentations are very important to your career.

Looking at these statistics, it seems obvious that presentations have the potential to be powerful and persuasive. Those that are willing to invest in improving the design and delivery of presentations are arming themselves with a competitive edge over others.

Modern Presentation Technology

As technology has continued to improve and change the way that business is conducted, it has infiltrated every aspect of the business world. This includes presentations. Today more than ever, the use of online presentations, meeting and conferencing software have become commonplace. These software programs are used by all large corporations and even many small one-man shows. They can be used to reach clients, other branches, stockholders, and associates around the world.

This provides endless opportunities for presenters to reach large and diverse audiences. Because in these circumstances the presenter is often never seen, verbal and visual communications skills become increasingly more important. Presenters that are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of differing approaches and able to adapt to the needs of online audiences will be successful and stand out above the crowds.

It is quite obvious that persuasive presenters control unprecedented importance and influence. Having the ability to pitch an excellent and persuasive presentation will provide you an invaluable asset in almost any career. Being able to influence a group of people in an effortless manner will be job security and put you and your company in high demand, improving sales, cooperation within an organization, and creating an overall positive rapport with associates, clients, and stockholders.

Apply these skills to modern technology and you have a winning combination that anyone would love to have. Performing persuasive presentations to masses over the internet can be profitable on a variety of levels. You will also have a star quality to add to your resume. You can successfully reach and influence customers, associates, and employees on a broad scale. With time being more precious than ever, having an ability to communicate clearly and provide your audience value in a manner that caters to their needs is an asset that no successful company should be without. Decide today that you are going to acquire these skills for yourself or your company and change your presentation style into something awesome.