Spectacular Content Presentation Tips – How Important Are Presentations?

How Important Are Presentations?

Presentations are highlighted here as being extremely important and irreplaceable in the business world. How much influence do presentations have on people? Do they make or break a career? Are presentations the deciding factor in making a purchase?

What Does the Research Show?

According to Interactive Opinions – Audience Research 2006, people do believe that presentations are powerful.

Let’s look at just how powerful they are.

  • 93% of people polled agree or strongly agree that quality presentation provides a competitive edge.
  • 76.8% agree or strongly agree that presentations influence purchasing decisions. However, they also only rate about 10% of the presentations they have seen as excellent.
  • 91% believe that presentations are very important to your career.

Looking at these statistics, it seems obvious that presentations have the potential to be powerful and persuasive. Those that are willing to invest in improving the design and delivery of presentations are arming themselves with a competitive edge over others.

Modern Presentation Technology

As technology has continued to improve and change the way that business is conducted, it has infiltrated every aspect of the business world. This includes presentations. Today more than ever, the use of online presentations, meeting and conferencing software have become commonplace. These software programs are used by all large corporations and even many small one-man shows. They can be used to reach clients, other branches, stockholders, and associates around the world.

This provides endless opportunities for presenters to reach large and diverse audiences. Because in these circumstances the presenter is often never seen, verbal and visual communications skills become increasingly more important. Presenters that are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of differing approaches and able to adapt to the needs of online audiences will be successful and stand out above the crowds.

It is quite obvious that persuasive presenters control unprecedented importance and influence. Having the ability to pitch an excellent and persuasive presentation will provide you an invaluable asset in almost any career. Being able to influence a group of people in an effortless manner will be job security and put you and your company in high demand, improving sales, cooperation within an organization, and creating an overall positive rapport with associates, clients, and stockholders.

Apply these skills to modern technology and you have a winning combination that anyone would love to have. Performing persuasive presentations to masses over the internet can be profitable on a variety of levels. You will also have a star quality to add to your resume. You can successfully reach and influence customers, associates, and employees on a broad scale. With time being more precious than ever, having an ability to communicate clearly and provide your audience value in a manner that caters to their needs is an asset that no successful company should be without. Decide today that you are going to acquire these skills for yourself or your company and change your presentation style into something awesome.