Debt Negotiation Services: a New Way of Dealing With Your Debts

Many people in the United States of America have found themselves in debt problems and only few can say they have handled the situation successfully. Many of these people have lost control of their monthly bills and credit card debts. And it is at that moment when the debt negotiation services are needed. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, radio and several other publications regarding debt negotiation services.

Alexander Sands is a current client of My Debt Remedy, and he got into our Debt Negotiation Services program looking for debt relief. Thanks to our team of professional counselors and experts on debt negotiation services, Alexander managed to stabilize his financial life and set up a plan to arrange repaying his debts off.

Alexander Sands:

What are Debt negotiation Services?

Amanda Williams:

Debt Negotiation Services has become a very popular solution to financial hardship that many people go through. Negotiation companies exist to help people on debt matters and assist them to become debt free. What these companies do is negotiate with the debtor’s creditors and get a reduction on the pay-off balance they owe. Sometimes creditors agree to accept 50% or less of what is owed. Balance is “zeroed out” after the creditor has received the checks. These companies, as part of their debt negotiation program, offer different kinds of services such as credit repair, but there is an additional fee for this service.

Alexander Sands:

How do Debt Negotiation Companies provide this service?

Amanda Williams:

These companies have an established process to follow in order to help their clients become debt free as fast as possible. Here are some steps the debt negotiation services process follows:

- First, the Debt Negotiation Services firm will talk directly to their clients’ creditors about lowering the monthly payments to help lighten the load.

- Once deals with the creditors have taken place, Debt Negotiation Services pass along to their client the new terms the creditors have agreed upon.

- The debtor will make a single payment to the Debt Negotiation Services firm, and they, in turn, will pay the creditors.

It is important to know that after the Debt Negotiation Services makes a deal with the creditors, they become responsible for any communication between the creditors and the debtor, and all the information the creditors require from the debtors will always go through the debt negotiation services first. It is a way for them to keep track of the debt negotiation process.

Alexander Sands:

Applying for debt negotiation services will lower my credit score?

Amanda Williams:

Yes it will. If you have paid your bills on time, and you do not have any delinquencies on your credit record, this service will likely lower your credit score. Applying for debt consolidation services will surely have a negative impact on your record, but when you apply for this kind of services it means that your accounts are already delinquent. Otherwise creditors would not accept any type of negotiation and would demand full payment be made.

After you complete the Debt Negotiation Services program, your credit score will level; that is if you continue to be organized, and pay your bills on time.

Alexander Sands:

Do you think Debt Negotiation Services can help my current financial situation?

Amanda Williams:

Debt negotiation Services has a main goal, and that is to help those who no longer have the financial capacity to make a monthly payment on a regular basis. It also intends to help those people who are considering filing for bankruptcy as an immediate solution for their many financial problems.

Debt Negotiation Services gives back the debtor control of his/her life. It helps people regain stability and also gives them the tools to avoid bankruptcy and free him/herself from debt, once and for all.

We have different articles on interesting topics and current and former clients’ experiences with our programs. Take a look at the different situations on debt related topics that people can fall into and how to keep yourself a debt free person.

Do Your Presentation Work With A Laser Pointer

It’s downright incredible how cheap laser pointers are these days. Lit up 30 years, ago the laser diode is the basis of all of the world’s cheap lasers. You can get a decent one on eBay for less than 10$. A laser pointer is very useful, and one of its most popular usages nowadays is wireless laser presenter.

At some point or another in everybody’s working life, a presentation in front of one’s peers, colleagues, or customers is inevitable. Laser presenter offers a very nice alternative to remaining tethered to a PC while cranking through the PowerPoint presentation. In fact, as the product name so ably illustrates, the wireless laser Presenter not only gives presenters the ability to walk away from the PC showing their slides, it lets them highlight key information items on their foils with an intense spot of bright light.

Most wireless laser presenter combines office help functions to simplify the process. Functions like advance or reverse the slide deck, scroll page up, down and more. There are two kinds of technology – FR and Bluetooth wireless technology both enables 10 meters effective range. To handle it, simply plug in the USB dongle to the PC, then pairing the laser presenter with dongle, OK well done. Due to high efficiency, though powered by two or more battery cells, it can last for days to use.

Green laser pointers are nothing special these days, either. People think green laser is more visible because humans eyes are somehow 10 times more sensitive to green light than red light. Even the green beam can be seen at some high power green lasers, and the dot is clearly visible on bright surface even sunlit surface. Choose a green laser will helps your audience easily catching the dot and thereby, your points in presentation.

The Present – 7 Ways to Get There

How many times a day…or should I say a minute…are you actually planning ahead to some distant place in your future? Do you even have a clue? Has this habit of living in your head become so rote that you have no idea of how to even broach this question? With all of the worldly demands that we have weighing on our shoulders, it’s a wonder that people ever access the present moment at all. Or is it?

I actually caught myself doing this very thing this morning. While on a beautiful early morning hike (a rarity) with my lovely husband, my oh-so-crafty mind seemed to be on a mission. Actually, it proceeded and succeeded for a few disturbing moments, to bring me up and out of my GLORIOUS present. Let me just tell you, this present moment was quite extraordinary. The air was fresh, (for L.A. can we say miracle?) the woodsy outdoor smells were blissfully intoxicating, a crystal clear blue sky was upon us, a spectacular view of looking down on the entire city had us in awe, no one was else on the trail, my best friend was by my side and we were getting some awesome thigh burning exercise. Yes!

So why in the *%@^ did my mind want to take me out of that feel good place and suddenly have a conversation about, (drum roll please) what we should do for CHRISTMAS?!? Come on, Christmas? Really? It’s early November and all is right in this moment, but my 3 pound chatter brain has other ideas. It wants to transport me out of this divine moment and have me analyze, fret, worry etc…about holiday plans. Jeez, how incredibly ridiculous! Thankfully I became AWARE of this pattern (victory!) and found myself aggressively saying out loud, “I don’t want to be planning right now, I want to enjoy this gorgeous hike. (dangit!)” So instantly I started appreciating all the beautiful things I was enamored with before and magically I became present again. Then I picked up on my husband’s silent thoughts reeling a million miles a minute and I proceeded to get annoyingly hooked in to HIS mind. Wow. If it’s not one mind, it’s another. Enough!

So this is what we’re up against. THIS is our daily work. Our lovely minds are simply doing their jobs of planning, scheming, analyzing etc…and will until the cows come home. However, if we are armed with AWARENESS of when our little friend is pulling it’s number, then it’s a new day and we can take back our true essence of BEING.

So what can we do to stop these mental gymnastics of incessant worrying, planning, comparing and despairing when all we want to do is truly enjoy the Present Moment?

Grab a pen…

1. Take deep full breaths and let your breath anchor your feet to the ground.

2. Notice that subtle internal shift from when you are feeling good to suddenly landing in that busy head space.

3. Stop what you are doing and get out of your head by doing something that brings you JOY.

4. Some possible ways of accessing a state of BEING again are: playing with pets, putting on a favorite CD, doing a little jig, stretching into the yoga position of downward dog, taking a leisurely or a brisk walk, venturing out into nature, giving someone a hug etc…

5. Focus on all of the BLESSINGS in the present moment you are in.

6. Let GRATITUDE saturate your whole body and soul.


Ahhhhh, this magnificent Life of yours.

Isn’t it wonderful?!?